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February 5, 2017

The Exile

Lo and Behold! The international success I have attained with my latest graphic novel In the Pines, has given me such a boost in productivity that I’ve started work on a new graphic novel project. The working title is ‘The Exile’ (‘De balling’in dutch) and it is going to be my first novel, as I’ve only ever done short story collections before. It is a very exciting journey I’ve started. There’s not much to tell yet I’m afraid, apart from the fact that the tale is going to be set in Iceland around the year 900 AD, so basically it’s a Viking-themed story. I’ve taken may main inspiration from the extensive volume of medieval family sagas from the island, most of them written down in the twelfth or thirteenth century by christians, but relating stuff that took place much earlier, in pagan times. These stories are fantastic material and paint a very different picture from the cliché of the horned-helmeted barbarians we know from popular culture. Here’s a little teaser image for you. I’ll try and keep you posted on  my progress and give you regular updates. Check back whenever you can, don’t be a stranger now!