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May 2, 2014

Upcoming public appearances

Hey there folks! Here’s a few upcoming dates on which you will be able to catch me live and in the flesh, signing books, answering queries or just chewin’ the fat. First of all I will be attending the Stockholm comics festival on May 16th to 18th. A lovely little comics-get together in the north of europe. I’ll be there to promote the swedish translation of my H.P. Lovecraft anthology, by courtesy of the fine fellows at Placebo Press Sweden. Next up is the Haarlemse Stripdagen Holland’s finest bi-annual comics festival. Catch me drawing doodles on saturday May 31st (and probably sunday the 1st of June as well). Then it’s off to Stuttgart, Germany for the Dragon Days Fantastikfestival  on June 6th and June 7th. It’s a two day celebration of the fantastic in a variety of media: literature, comics, film… you name it. I’m looking forward to this one because it is a relatively new concept for a festival and it is very well organised, as one would expect of our German friends. Anyway, I hope to see you on any of these three occasions. Oh, and by the way; the wonderful portrait you see here was shot by the great photographer Ringel Goslinga He really put in a great effort to make me look good! Thanks Ringel.