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September 3, 2015


When people invite me over to attend their festival I hardly ever refuse. It is one of the definite perks of being a comics artist to get to go to all these lovely festivals around the world. I’ve been to quite a few already in South Africa, the USA, Russia and France. Iwas also once in Lucca, the biggest one in Italy But this year I will be attending the Treviso Comics Festival  for the first time. The kind folks over in Italy decided it would be a great idea to have an exhibition featuring the works of a select group of Dutch comic ‘artistes’ amongst which the works of yours truly. I have made a selection of original pencilled and inked pages from ‘Het onzienbare’ my recent book H.P Lovecraft adaptations. I will be personally attending the opening of the exhibit on saturday the 26th of september, along with other Dutch graphic veterans such as Joost Swarte, Typex and Barbara Stok amongst others. I’m looking forward to the trip. September is still a mild season in southern Europe, and the food is so good in Italy! Yeah!