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April 19, 2016

See Naples and… sign books!

Hi folks! It’s been a mad couple of months since my last book In The Pines saw the light of day in february of this year. I’m thrilled by all the good press it received. Also in France and Germany the reviews have been excellent. I’m very glad both critics and readers alike are picking up on the book’s particular vibe. Also, the fact that the book has a strong connection to music, has led to many reviews not only in media that normally write about comics, but also to a more wider range of media write ups. Apart from the occasional critical note here and there, the book has reached wide acclaim, as is also reflected in the sales numbers; the first print-run was sold out in less than three weeks here in the Netherlands and also in Germany!  To present the Italian edition of In The Pines I will be attending the Naples Comicon this coming weekend in Naples, Italy! I’ve been to Italy loads of times, but the wonderful city of Naples I have somehow managed to miss on all these visits. I’m not sure how much time I will have to view the city, in between frantic signing sessions and dodging cosplaying hordes, but I’m looking forward to the visit and meet the lovely people of Eris Edizioni again, my staunch publisher from Torino. In May I will be in Germany again on the Comic Salon in Erlangen. Check back here regularly for updates on my public appearances.