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November 28, 2013

Grand world tour of germany

I’ll be touring Germany most of next week, promoting the German edition of my Lovecraft comicbook-adaptation ‘Het onzienbare’, titled ‘Vom Jenseits’ in German. The kind folks of Avant Verlag have taken an effort and have arranged for me to traverse the country by train. I’ll be signing books at the following shops: Mr.C in Bochum on 03-12, Bonner Comicladen in Bonn on 04-12, Frankfurt T3 in Frankfurt am Main on 05-12, Comix Hannover in Hannover on 06-12 and in Modern Graphics in Berlin on 07-12. On 08-12 there will be a book launch party in the Fabelhaft Bar, also in Berlin. It is quite a daunting schedule, but I’m looking forward to the trip. See you all in Germany!